Wilson Elementary School
W. 911 25th Avenue

In 1922, two small wood frame portables served first and second-grade classrooms in a location at 19th Avenue and Jefferson Street; a third portable was added in 1925 for third graders.  In 1926, the portables were replaced by then newly built Woodrow Wilson School, located at 25th Avenue and Lincoln Street.  Named after Woodrow Wilson, the 28th President of the United States, the school building was clad with golden-hued bricks and embellished with decorative blue-colored terra cotta inlay.  Wilson School was described in a Spokane newspaper as “the most modern grade school building in the city and equal to any built anywhere.”  In January 1927, elementary school pupils helped carry school books up the hill from 19th Avenue to 25th Avenue to their new school.  The building held six classrooms, a library, an auditorium, principal’s office, and an emergency room. The school grew and by 1940, more than 400 students were in attendance in grades one through eight.  In 1941, a five-classroom east wing was built on the school.  In 1961, a multipurpose/gymnasium wing was added on the west end of the school.  Many Wilson students attended Lewis & Clark High School in the Class of 1968.

1956-1957 1st Grade #11 – Miss Burdette (then Mrs. Dikes)

First Grade Wilson 1957

Top Row: Steve Balch, Brad Bell, Rick Follette, Jeff Lambert, Jim Stejer, Richard Robble, Rick Diffley, Rich ??, Miss Burdette.

2nd Row: Tom Brandt, Ron Hannes, Bob Phillips, Sally Carter, Angelica Marceniak, Bruce Levitch, John Elmer, unknown, Bob Baxley.

Front Row: Shirley Coates, Connie Jarvis, Robin Corte, Jackie ??, Marin Peterson, Betsy Husom, Kathleen Mullen, Janice Hemmingway.

1957 Summer – Miss Burdette (Mrs. Dikes) Wedding

Top Row:

Front Row:

1956-1957 1st Grade #1 – Mrs. Aston

Top Row: Jeff Watkins, ??, Jim Chambers, Steve Brandon, ??, John Hathaway, Gary James, Robin Nordmark, Mrs. Aston.

2nd Row: Frank Steinheiser, Chris Pence, Doug Durham, Judy Ridpath, Jodie Johnson, ??, ??, Rick Scammel, ?Richard Robble, ??

Front Row: Kathy Allers??, ??, Jeanie Davis, Liz Clark, ??, Julie Ayer, Cheryl Hoppe, ??

1957-1958 2nd Grade – Mrs. Thiele

Second Grade Wilson 1958

Top Row: Jim Bartholomew, Brad Bell, Jim Stejer, Rick Follette, Dan Moffitt, Jeff Lambert, Rick Diffley, Van Wood, Steve Balch, Mrs. Thiele.

3rd Row: Janice Hemmingway, Marin Peterson, Shirley Coates, Sally Carter, Angelica Marceniak, Pam Pearce, Betsy Husom, Linda Scheer, Carolee Dragoo.

2nd Row: Tom Brandt, Ron Hannes, Richard Robble, Bill Bagby, Bruce Levitch, Bob Phillips, John Elmer, Bob Baxley.

Front Row: Robin Corte, Janet Hall, Connie Jarvis.

1957-1958 2nd Grade – Mrs. Gerken

We are missing both the photo and the names of the children in the class.


1957 Wilson Student Council

Top Row:

3rd Row:

2nd Row:

Front Row:

1958-1959 3rd Grade – Mrs. Miller

Third Grade Wilson 1959

Top Row: Brad Bell, Bruce Levitch, Jim Stejer, Dan Moffitt, Rick Follette, Jeff Lambert, John Emery, Rick Diffley, Mrs. Miller.

3rd Row: Connie Jarvis, Linda Scheer, Betsy Husom, Helen Horn, Sally Carter, Shirley Coates, Carolee Dragoo, Janet Hall.

2nd Row: Bob Phillips, John Elmer, Bill Bagby, John Caple, Steve Balch, Ron Hannes, Bob Baxley.

Front Row: Robin Corte, Tom Brandt.

1959-1960 4th Grade Rm 7 – Mrs. Protto

Fourth Grade Wilson 1960

Top Row: Mrs. Protto, Betsy Husom, John Elmer, Sandra Ellison, Linda Scheer, Bill Bagby.

3rd Row: Frank Steinheiser, Robin Corte, Julie Ayer, Brad Bell, Jim Bartholomew, Janet Hall, Rick Follette.

2nd Row: Barb Elias, Shirley Coates, Dan Moffitt, John Caple, Robin Nordmark, Cheryl Hoppe, Topher Pence.

Front Row: Judy Ridpath, Rick Scammel, Bob Phillips, John Reeves, Jim Chambers, Liz Clark, Gary James.

1960-1961 5th Grade Rm 9 – Miss Terry (Mrs. Oberkrome)

Fifth Grade Wilson 1961

Top Row: Mary Martha Gowdy, Linda Scheer, Shirley Coates, Sally Carter, Sandra Ellison, Gwen Pomeroy, Rose LeClerc, Betsy Husom, Miss Terry (Mrs. Oberkrome -married name).

3rd Row: John Sears, Rick Diffley, Virginia McGarry, Connie Whitehead, Judy Ridpath, Carolee Dragoo, Cheryl Hoppe, Robin Corte, Barbara Elias.

2nd Row: Jim Bartholomew, Steve Pribble, Mark Kohler, John Elmer, John Hathaway, Bill Bagby, John Caple.

Front Row: Bruce Levitch, Terry Haynes, Steve Balch, Frank Steinheiser, Jim Chambers, Ron Hannes.

1960-1961 5th Grade Rm 10 – Mrs. Burke

Top Row: Kathleen Mullin, Marella Pitt, Julie Ayer, Jean Davis, ??, Jeri Erling, Elizabeth Clark, Norma Weston, Janet Hall, Mrs. Burke.

2nd Row: Connie Moore, Karen Eskeberg, Bryan Parson, Gary James, Rick Scammel, Scott Simpson, Bob Phillips, John Reeves, Bob Baxley, Tom Poehler.

Front Row: Brad Bell, John Brown, Greg Merriman, Jeff Watkins, Chris (Kit) Birch, Steve Brandon, John Emery, Murray Bowden.

1961-1962 6th Grade Rm 11 – Mr. Cook

Sixth Grade Wilson 1962

Top Row: Mr. Cook, Elizabeth Clark, Janet Hall, Marcella Pitts, Linda Scheer, Jean Davis, Cherly Hoppe, ??, Carolee Dragoo, Ellen Keiser.

3rd Row: Ron Hannes, John Caple, Steve Balch, Mark Kohler, Bruce Levitch, Jeri Erling, Cathy Bolin, Barbara Elias.

2nd Row: Rick Diffley, John Emery, Bob Phillips, John Hathaway, Jeff Watkins, Jim Bartholomew.

Front Row: Steve Brandon, Jim Chambers, Scott Simpson, Bill Bagby, Greg Merriman, Brian Parson.

1961-1962 6th Grade Rm 12 – Mrs. Cromwell

Top row: Norma Weston, Judy Ridpath, July Ayer, Sandra Ellison, Vickie Allison, Betsy Husom, Sally Carter, Shirley Coats, Kathy Aller

3rd row: Karen Eskeberg, Mary Martha Goudy, Janice Hemingway, Robin Corte, ??, Jean Jensen, Kathryn Miller?, Kathleen Mullen, Mrs. Cromwell

2nd row: Steve Pribyl, Brad Bell, Frank Steinheiser, Mike Barnes, John Reeves, Doug Iverson, John Elmer

Front row: Rick Scammel, Scott Deasy, Murray Bowden, John Sears