Comstock Elementary School
W. 620 33rd Avenue

Built in 1956, Comstock School was named for early Spokane entrepreneur James Comstock, who was responsible for the circa 1889 Comstock Dry Goods warehouse building on South Lincoln Street. With partners, Comstock then developed the dry goods business into the Crescent Department Store in a different building in downtown Spokane. In honor of James Comstock’s memory, the Comstock family built and developed Comstock Park, pools, and playgrounds. In 1977, Comstock School was moved to 63rd Avenue & Regal Street on Browne’s Mountain, and is now known as Mullan Road Elementary School. Some of the graduates in Lewis & Clark High School’s Graduating Class of 1968 previously attended Comstock School.

1956-1957 Comstock 1st grade – Mrs. Salt

Top Row: Mrs. Salt, Alvin Beecham, Greg Merriman, Craig Richter, Gail “Sonny” Anderson, Bill Barany, Jeff Stier

1st Row: Ron Wendle, Tom Porter, Margaret Sundberg, Leaa Ann Kelly, Jean Jensen, Christy Smellon, Barb Luth, Tom Porter

1957-1958 Comstock 2nd grade – Miss Shaw

Top Row: Gail “Sonny” Anderson, Alvin Beecham, Brett Hayfield, Bob Johnson, Chuck Munns, Bill Barany, Craig Richter, Jeff Stier, Miss Shaw

1st Row: Ron Wendle, Martha Segnar, Margaret Sudnberg, Lee Ann Kelly Jean Jensen, Christy Smellon, Barb Luth, Tom Porter

1958-1959 Comstock 3rd grade – Mrs. Evans

Top Row: Ron Green, Craig Richter, Alvin Beecham, Chuck Munns, Bob Johnson, Bill Barany, Mrs. Evans

1st Row: Gail “Sonny” Anderson, Jeff Stier, Tom Porter, Jean Jensen, Martha Segnar, Lee Ann Kelly, Barb Luth, Joe Stolz

1960-1961 5th Grade – Mr. Yost

Top Row: Craig Richter, Ron Green, Tom Porter, Gail “Sonny” Anderson, Bob Johnson, Bill Barany, Mr. D. Yost

1st Row: Joe Stolz, Jeff Stier, Jean Jensen, Martha Segnar, Lee Ann Kelly, Barbara Luth, Rob Wendle, Tom Brandt

1961-1962 Comstock 6th grade – Mrs. Wenske & Mr. Clark

Top Row: Mrs. Wenske, Bob Johnson, Joe Stolz, Margaret Sundberg, Lee Ann Kelly, Craig Richter, Jeff Stier, Mr. Clark

1st Row: Gail “Sonny” Anderson, Tom Brandt, Bob Baxley, Ron Green, Ron Wendle, Bill Barany, Barb Luth, Tom Porter