We are asking all classmates to register, even if you are unable to attend the reunion. We are
updating our classmate contact information not only for this reunion, but future reunions as
well. Please everyone, register now. Thank you.

The cost for attending the reunion is $50 per person ($100 per couple). The fee will cover the events
for both days as described on this website. You may register and pay now by clicking the registration
button below.


*NOTE: As we have done in year’s past, we will gladly provide support for the attendance of any
classmate who is unable to afford the registration fee. If you, or someone you know wants to attend
the reunion, but cannot afford the fee… please use the “Contact Us” link below, and ask to
discuss this with us. Your communication and/or request will be kept confidential, and please know
that we will make the financial arrangements necessary for the individual(s) involved so they may
attend the reunion.

Contact Us