Roosevelt Elementary School
W. 333-14th Avenue

In 1906, Roosevelt School was first constructed as a four-room frame schoolhouse at S. 1415 Bernard Street. It was named after U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt, one of America’s most popular presidents. The school was significantly upgraded in 1907, 1910, 1917, and 1954-1955. Sadly in 1980, the brick historic school building was demolished and replaced by the present “cookie-cutter” concrete school. Over the years, a few exceptional students and principals were associated with Roosevelt School. Student Walter Brattain distinguished himself in science, sharing the 1956 Nobel Prize in physics for discovering the transistor. In 1962, Gerald Saling was Roosevelt’s seventh principal, who went on to serve in the Washington State Legislature and ultimately was elected a Senator from Spokane’s Fifth Legislative District. In 1988, Roosevelt was one of ten Washington State schools to be honored by the U.S. Department of Education’s Exceptional Elementary Schools Program. Roosevelt continues to be one of the most progressive schools in Washington State. Many Roosevelt Elementary School students attended Lewis & Clark High School, graduating in 1968.

1955-1956 Kindergarten – Mrs. Siverton

Top Row: Nancy Martin ??, Terry Williams ??, unknown, unknown, unknown, Gary Jablonski, Mac Harrison

Row 2: unknown, Walt Fernau, Lynn Lambert, unknown, unknown, John Daniels, Pat Bower ??

Front Row: unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, Barb Luth ??, Steve Washburn ??

1956-1957 1st Grade #1 – Teacher: Lois Sampson

Top Row: Kathy Lutz, Gary Jablonski, Steve Washburn, Joel Ferris, Marilyn Kramer, ??, Lynn Lambert, Kathy Stevens, Linda Florine (sp?).

3rd Row: ??, ??, ??, Glen Olson, Steve Barrett, ??, Priscilla Raynor, Pam Hogsett, Walt Fernau.

2nd Row: Mark Aspinwall, ??, Elizabeth Bell, Margie Maguire, Cheryl (??), ??, ??, ??, John Driscoll, Tom Rose.

Front Row: Chris Aiken, John Daniels, Al Falk, ??, Robyn Lindquist.

1956-1957 1st Grade #2 – Teacher: Mrs. Finlay

Top Row: Beth Griffin, Tom Savage, Pat Bower, Debbie Schnug, John Owen, Steve Johnson, Paul Peters, Nancy Martin, Alan Schlosser

2nd Row: Bobby Mitchell, Pam Drake, Debbie Culler, Chucky Munns, Linda Rickman, Johnny Fish, Barbra Kimbrell (sp), Norma Weston, Tom Aspray, Terry Williams, Tom Rose.

Front Row: Bob Leslie, Janice Bartell, Mike Barnes, Barb Luth, Nancy King, Mary Beth Pin, Janet Thornton, Barb Elias, Larry Highsmith.

1957-1958 2nd Grade #1 – Teacher: R. Nelson (not shown)…………. (shown – Principal Mr. Dunning)

Top Row: Mr. Dunning, ??, ??, Gary Jablonski, Kathy Stevens, Marilyn Kramer, Walt Fernau, Chris Aiken, ??

2nd Row: ??, John Daniels, ??, Pam Hogsett, ??, Glen Olson, Marcia Bolinske, Joel Ferris, Robyn Lindquist.

Front Row: Tom Malloy, ??, ??, ??, Steve Barrett, John Driscoll, ??, Sue Graham, Mark Aspinwall, Paul Peters or Larry McCracken??.

1957-1958 2nd Grade #2 – Teacher: Mrs. Moran

Top Row: Pam Drake, Nancy Martin, Tom Savage, Debbie Schnug, Joan Hoffman, John Owen, Alan Schlosser, Steve Johnson, Sarah Rogers, Tom Rose.

3rd Row: Johnny Fisk, Paul Peters, Beth Griffin, Linda Rickman, Buff James, Debbie Bruschke, Meg Maxwell, Diana Hatch, Susan Peck.

2nd Row: Bob Leslie, Bobby Mitchell, Nancy King, Debbie Culler, Cinnie Rhine, Janet Thornton, Tom Aspray, Dennis Dearing, Tom McNiece.

Front Row: Larry Highsmith, David Hunt, Terry Williams, Michael Barnes.

1958-1959 3rd Grade – Teacher: Miss Dindorf

Top Row: Miss Dindorf, Chris Aiken, Walt Fernau, Kathy Lutz, Mary Pat Flannery, John Owen, Joan Hoffman, Andy Koss, Steve Barrett.

3rd Row: Priscilla Raynor, Pat Bower, Tom Aspray, Alan Holm, Pam Drake, Terry Williams, Pam Hogsett, John Driscoll, John Daniels.

2nd Row: Ruby Kay Busby, Norma Weston, Linda Florine (sp), Margie Perry, Nicki Thiot, Patty Jo Link, Gordon Wilkerson, Tom Huff.

Front Row: Ed Froese, Max Murphy, Larry Highsmith, Bob Leslie, John Driscoll, Dennis Dearing.

1958-1959 3rd Grade – Teacher K. Kroiss

Top Row: ? Tharpe?, Steve Johnson, Alan Schlosser, Gary Jablonski, unknown, Steve Washburn, Carol McCorkle, Debbie Schnug, Mrs. K. Kroiss

Row 3: unknown, Kim Wagner, Dennis Dearing ?, Tom Harsh, Tom Savage, ??, Beth Griffin, unknown, unknown

Row 2: Tom McNiece, Robyn Lindquist, Darlene Sutton, Janet Thornton, unknown, Cheryl ?, Valerie Carpenter, Tom Rose

Front Row: Mike Barnes, unknown, unknown, Mark Aspinwall, Al Falk

1959-1960 3rd & 4th Grades – Teacher: F. Dunning

Top Row: Tom Rose, Walt Fernau, Glen Olson, Mark Aspinwall, Tom Harsh, Lynn Lambert, Valerie Carpenter, Chris Aiken.

2nd Row: John Owen, Pam Hogsett, Debbie Culler, Gary Jablonski, Elizabeth Bell, ??, Carole McCorkle, Marcia Bolinske.

Front Row: ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??.

1958-1959 3rd Grade Cub Scouts – Den Mother: Ellen Wales

Top Row: Steve Barrett, Tom Aspray, John Daniels, unknown, Steve Washburn, Gary Jablonski

Front Row: Dennis Dearing, Larry Highsmith, Mark Johnson, unknown, unknown

1959-1960 4th Grade – Teacher: Mrs. McDaniels

Fourth Grade Roosevelt 1960

Top Row: ??, Kathy Lutz, Curtis Ayars, Steve Barrett, Dennis Doering, Bob Leslie, Debbie Schnug, Kim Wenger, Mrs. McDaniels.

3rd Row: Alan Schlosser, Valerie Carpenter ??, Kathy Stevens, Marilyn Kramer, Joel Ferris, Joan Hoffman, Meg Maxwell, Gary Greer.

2nd Row: Larry Highsmith, Terry Williams, Steve Johnson, Tom Savage, Nancy King??, Beth Fuller, Valerie Carpenter ??, Darlene Sutton.

Front Row: ??, Al Falk, Larry McCracken, Tom Aspray, Mike Barnes.

1959-1960 Roosevelt 4th Grade – Teacher: Mrs. Mauro

Top Row: unknown, Dennis Dearing, Linda Florine?, unknown, Linda Saugen ?, unknown, unknown, unknown, Mrs. Mauro

Row 3: Steve Washburn, Christy Tyler, Mary Beth Snow, unknown, Pat Bower, unknown, unknown, unknown

Row 2: John Driscoll, Tom Rose, Ed Froese, Nancy King, Janet Thornton, unknown, Sue Graham, John Daniels

Front Row: Tom McNeace, unknown, unknown, Robyn Lindquist

1960-1961 4th & 5th Grades – Teacher: Mrs. Hill

Top Row: Ed Froese, Janet Thornton, Nels??, Bob Leslie, Al Falk, Andrea??, Stan??, Mrs. Hill.

2nd Row: Linda Marshall, Debbie Schnug, Linda Florine (sp), Priscilla Raynor, John Daniels, Kim Wenger, Mike Moran, Dennis Dearing.

Front Row: Leigh Anderson, Darlene Sutton, Donna??, Linda Saugen, Alice Nuxoll, Jim Patton, Loren Mercer.

1960-1961 5th Grade – Teacher: Mrs. Fran Swanson

Top Row: Lynn Lambert, Pat Bower, Kathy Lutz, ??, Bill Swain, Alan Schlosser, Kathy Stevens, Carole McCorkle, Mary Pat Flannery.

2nd Row: Chris Aiken, Nicki Thiot, Meg Maxwell, Curtis Ayars, Joel Ferris, Tom Savage, Mac Harrison, Gary Jablonski, Walt Fernau, Sue Schubert.

Front Row: Mike Barnes, Larry Highsmith, Tom Aspray, Terry Williams, Mike Lobdell, ??, Larry McCracken, Elizabeth Bell, Marcia Bolinske.

1961-1962 6th Grade #1 – Teacher: Mrs. Mauro

Sixth Grade Roosevelt 1962

Top Row: Tom Aspray, Tom Savage, Steve Johnson, Walt Fernau, Nicki Thiot, Valerie Carpenter, Mary Beth Snow, Meg Maxwell.

2nd Row: Janet Seaman, Kathy Stevens or Christy Tyler, Beth Fuller, Carole McCorkle, Joan Hoffman, Mary Pat Flannery, Kathy Lutz, Alan Schlosser, Joel Ferris, Mike Lobdell, Mrs. Mauro

Front Row: ??, Darlene Sutton, Nancy King, Marcia Bolinske, Leigh Anderson?, Steve Barrett, Gary Greer, Tom McNeace, Terry Williams.

1961-1962 6th Grade #2 – Teachers: Franklin Greenough (1st half)…. J.E. Brittain (shown – 2nd half)

Top Row: Larry McCracken, Chris Aiken, Curtis Ayars, Glen Olson, Tom Harsh, John Daniels, Bob Leslie, Robyn Lindquist, Chris Eadon.

2nd Row:Kathy Lutz, Priscilla Raynor, Debbie Schnug, Kathy Stevens, Christy Tyler, Lynn Lambert, Tom Rose, Bill Swain, Mac Harrison, Steve Washburn, Mr. Brittain.

Front Row: Margaret Tilton, Sue Graham, Larry Highsmith, Mark Aspinwall, Liz Bell, Sue Schubert, Linda Saugen, Janet Thornton.