Jefferson Elementary School—
S. 3612 Grand

Named after U.S. President Thomas Jefferson, Jefferson School was built in two stages—four classrooms were constructed in 1908 followed by four more classrooms three years later in 1911. The two-story school building was designed with a red brick exterior, high ceilings, and tall windows. The school’s population grew and in 1947, a large, permanent addition was built on the south end of the 1908 schoolhouse. The addition was designed in the mid-century Art Modern style as a long, low structure that extended west along 37th Avenue. A large formal entrance to the school was reached by concrete steps (a favorite student meeting place), and the southeast facade corner of the school was architecturally prominent with an unusual round shape. The new addition forever changed the look of Jefferson School, which included ten additional classrooms and a large multi-purpose room. Students at Jefferson later attended Lewis & C lark High School.

1956-1957 1st Grade – Teacher unknown

1957-1958 2nd Grade – Teacher unknown

1958-1959 Jefferson 3rd Grade – Teacher: Mrs. Bradford

Top Row: Dean Reynolds, ?, Neil Albertson, ?, ?, Peggy Warth, Chuck Calkins, ?
Teacher: Mrs. Bradford
3rd Row: Bob Goins, ?, ?, Biff Bankey, ?, ?, Greg Schuster, Cheryl Thompson, Joyce McCluskey
2nd Row: ?, ?, Jim Powell, Jodi Johnson, Patty Buck, Marcia Ross, ?, Sharon Pollock, Judy Healy
1st Row: ?, ?, Jay Hutchinson, ?, ?, Tom Flanary

1959-1960 Jefferson 4th Grade – Mrs. Cooley

Top Row: Gary Emmitt, ?, ?, Rick Follett, ?, ?, ?, Jim Steiger, ?
3rd Row: Teacher: Mrs. Cooley, Cheryl Thompson, ?, Rick Baker, ?, Greg Schuster, ?, ?, Debbie Johnson, Buff Bankey
2nd Row: ?, Chuck Calkins, Joyce McCLuskey, Marcia Ross, Jodi Johnson, Marilyn Wilson, ?, Judy Healy, ?
1st Row: Dennis Park, Doug Baker, Jay Hutchinson, ?, ?

1959-1960 4th Grade – Teacher unknown

1960-1961 5th Grade – Teacher Unknown

TOP ROW: Debbie Johnson, Rick Baker, Doug Green, Gale Triplett, Terry Bayer, Jim Castino,
Greg Schuster, Jerry Muto ?
MIDDLE ROW: Jan Flesland, Jeff Breckle, Marshia Williams, Colleen Tiede, Chuck Calkins,
Bill Heart, ??, ??
BOTTOM ROW: Jodi Johnson, Donna Tombari, Sue Brunner, Gayla
Hughes, Dennis Park, Don Swanson, Grant Butt, Linda Trautman, ??

1960-1961 5th Grade #2 – Teacher unknown

1961-1962 6th Grade – Teacher: Mr. Reuter

TOP ROW: Terry Bayer, Nancy Kirishian, Marsha Ross, Donna Tombari, Linda
Troutman, Sharon Pollack, Jodi Johnson, Chuck Calkins, Rick Baker, ?, Teacher: Mr. Reuter
MIDDLE ROW: Cathy Borste, Steve Wood, Jim Stejer, Buff Bankey, Cathy
Wiseman, Dave Paulson, ?, Laurie Thornton, Polly Thosath, Joyce McClusky, Jack Harris
BOTTOM ROW: Julie Woodward, Steve Backman, Roger Cressy, John Barton, Tom Flanary, Don Swanson, Duffy McGinnes, Trudy MacGregor, Marilyn Wilson

1961-1962 6th Grade #2 – Teacher unknown

1961 Chorus

Top Row:
4th Row:
3rd Row:
2nd Row:
1st Row:

1962 Jefferson Cheerleaders

Top Row: Diane Scott, Laurie Thornton, Afton Miller, Nancy Carlson, Debbie Johnson
1st Row: Jodi Johnson, Cindy Tiemann, ?, Cheryl Thompson

1962 Softball

Top Row: Jim Castino, ?, Terry Bayer, ?, Gary Emmet, Bill Hart, ?, Bill Slater, Bob Slater
2nd Row: Syl Lassman, Jim Steger, Buff Bankey, Biff Bankey, Dick Bingham, Tom Adams, ?, ?, Dennis Park, Don Swanson
1st Row: Bill Kiem, John Barton, Steve Backman, Brad Waynes, Tom Flanery, Coach – unknown

1962 Jefferson Girls Kickball & Track – Teacher: Mrs. Dawson

Top Row: Coach – Mrs. Dawson, Jodi Johnson, Sharon Pollack, Polly Tosath, ?, ?, Debbie Johnson, Cathy Wiseman, Nancy Carlson, Linda Trautman, Joyce McClusky
2nd Row: Cindy Tiemann, ?, Jennifer Quinn, ?, Afton Miller, Linda Guthrie, Coleen Tiede, Peggy
Warth, Carol Lambert, Laurie Thornton, Diane Scott, ?
1st Row: Marilyn Wilson, Cheryl Thompson, ?, ?, Trudy McGregor, ?, Ingrid Brandt ?

1962 Student Patrol

Top Row: ?, Carol Lambert, ?, Jeff Breckel, ?, ?, Coleen Tiede, ?, ?, Bob Goins, Tom Adams, ?, ?, ?, Alan Singer
3rd Row: Jim Powell, Roger Cresey, Ingrid Brandt, Lori Thornton, Buff Bankey, Chuck Calkins, Bill Kiem, Jim Salisbury, Doug Green, Terry Bayer, ?, Tricia Dibblee, Polly Tosath, ?, ?, ?
2nd Row: ?, ?, ?, Marcia Ross, Jodi Johnson, ?, ?, Linda Trautman, ?, ?, Marsha Williams, ?, ?, ?, ?, Bob Slater, Unknown Teacher
1st Row: Unknown Teacher, ?, Ingrid Brandt, Kathy Kendall, Marilyn Wilson, ?, Diane Scott, ?, ?, Jim Castino, Doug Baker, Tom Flanery, Don Swanson, Tom Moore, John Barton