Grant Elementary School—
E. 1300 Ninth Avenue

Grant School was built in 1900 and named in honor of U.S. President Ulysses S. Grant. The school grew to include major additions in 1906, 1910, 1951, and added portables between 1910 and 1951. In the 1970s and 1980, 13 elementary schools—including Grant within Spokane School District 81—were replaced by identical “cookie-cutter” no-frills, concrete-constructed grade school buildings with rainbow patterns painted on the building’s facade. Lewis & Clark’s 1968 Graduating Class included students who attended Grant Elementary School.

1956-1957 Grant 1st Grade #1 – TEACHER UNKNOWN


Top Row:

3rd Row:

2nd Row:

1st Row:

1956-1957 Grant 1st Grade #11 – TEACHER UNKNOWN

Top Row:

3rd Row:

2nd Row:

1st Row:

1956-1957 1st Grade #111 – Mrs. Clarke

First Grade Grant

Top Row: Monte Cazeto, Mike Meithe, Bruce Todd, Billy Monroe, Eddy Monroe, Morris Brieter, Gregory Davis, Paul Eldredge, Kenny Brown

3rd Row: Carol Teufert, Nicky Heitz, Sandra Horton, Laura Becker, Donna ?, Bea Jacobson, Theresa Peterson, Bonnie Bro

2nd Row: Fanny Gates, Arvita Nuckolls, Bonnie Wolmack, Suzanne Franks, Sherry Fiesie, Sandra Wasson, Sandra Sitton, Diana Ellis

1st Row: Gary Ikeda (sp ??), Ron Quaintance, Roger Lawson

1957-1958 2nd Grade #1 Grant – Mrs. Louther

Top Row: Joe ?, Bruse Todd, Eddy Monroe, Morris Breitner, Paul Elderidge ??, John Keevy, Teacher: Mrs. Louther

2nd Row: Leslie Kirihara, Monte Cazeto, Loralee Ohde, Theresa Peterson, Beverly ?, Sandra Horton, Diana Ellis, Roger Lawson, Michael Meithe

1st Row: Karen Lindquist, Nancy Croney, Bonnie Bro, Laura Becker, Suzanne Franks, Christi ?, Sherry Fiesie, Arvita Nuckolls

1957-1958 2nd Grade #11 Grant – Mrs. Clarke ??

Top Row:

3rd Row:

2nd Row:

1st Row:

1957-1958 2nd Grade #111 – Mrs. Wynne

Second Grade Grant

Top Row: Mike Reed, Johnny Achziger, Jack Huey, Tom Adams, Danny Bauchee, Ray Almond, Mrs. Wynne

Row 2: Robert Knott, Gary Ikeda, Frank Bland, Linda Calley, Carol Teufert, John Alice, Cliff Brower, Roy Dahlen, Mike Frost

Front Row : Suzie Durham, Judy Jones, Julie Keppler, Kathy Franks, Sharon Laurich, Sandy Anderson, Laurel Lennox, Karen Castle

1958-1959 3rd Grade #1 Grant – Mrs. Johnson

Top Row: Jack Huey, Tom Adams, Johnny Achziger, Lin Larsen, Mrs. Johnson

Row 2: Robert Knott, Gary Ikeda, Dannie Bauchee, Laurel Lennox, Julie Keppler, Karen Castle, Aloha Hardin, Cliff Brower, John Alice

Front Row: Janice Arnold, Suzie Durham, Kathy Franks, Carol Teufert, Sandy Anderson, Sharon Laurich, Janet Porter, Betty Mullin

1958-1959 3rd Grade #11 – TEACHER UNKNOWN

Top Row: Lana Allen, David Greve, Robert Woolery, Greg Clarke, Donald Lowery, Mrs. Wolff

Row 2: Donnie Patterson, Lloyd Gordon, Jack Nelson, Beverly Kings (sp ??), Janis Brown, Gregory Davis, Ronnie ??, Scott Meyers

Front Row : Judy Hart, Bonnie Womack, Bea Jacobsen, Gloria Allen, Valerie Gilstrap, Christine Flathers, Beverly Ando, Julie Maruyama

1958-1959 3rd Grade #111 – Mrs. Torpey

Top Row: Jeff Wood, Bruce Todd, Morris Breighter??, Jon Keevy, Mrs. Torpey

2nd Row: Les Kirihara, Christene Larson, Laura Becker, Karyn Lindquist, Nancy Croney, Bonnie Bro, Theresa Peterson, Tom McRae, Rodney Stevens

1st Row: Lynnda Reigart, Andrea Thompson, Sandra Horton, Diana Ellis, Loralee Ohde, Suzanne Franks, Sherry Fiesie, Arvita Nuckolls.

1959-1960 4th Grade #1 – TEACHER UNKNOWN


Top Row:

2nd Row:

1st Row:

1959-1960 4th Grade #11 – Miss. Edna Johnson

Fourth Grade Grant

Top Row: David Greve, Harvey Norris, John Alice, Douglas Simmons, Donald Lowrey, Clifford Brower, Leslie Kirihara, Miss Edna Johnson

2nd Row: Ron Quaintance, Laurel Lennox, Loralee Ohde, Diana Ellis, Debra Hueser, Ron Chisholm, John Keevy.

1st Row: Judy Hart, Gloria Allen, Kathy Franks, Bea Ellen Jacobson, Carol Teufert, Sandra Horton, Karen Castle.

1959-1960 4th Grade #111 – TEACHER UNKNOWN


Top Row:

2nd Row:

1st Row:

1960-1961 5th Grade #1 – TEACHER UNKNOWN


Top Row:

2nd Row:

1st Row:

1960-1961 5th Grade #11 – Mrs. Gloria Nelson & Miss Kallabers

Fifth Grade Grant

Top Row: Miss Kallabers, Ron Quaintance, Gorden Bisset, John Keevy, Harvey Norris, David Greve, John Alice, John Shepherd, Mrs. Gloria Nelson

2nd Row: Leslie Kirihara, Clifford Brower, Jeff Wood, Gloria Allen, Sandra Horton, Debra Hueser, Loralee Ohde, Kathy Franks, Donald Lowery, David Malmoe, Ron Chisholm.

1st Row: Judy Hart, Diana Ellis, Carol Teufert, Bea Ellen Jacobson, Theresa Peterson, Betty Mullin, Beverly Ando, Karen Castle, Laurel Lennox, Christine Larson.

1960-1961 5th Grade #111 – TEACHER UNKNOWN


Top Row:

2nd Row:

1st Row:

1961-1962 6th Grade #1 – Mrs. Mason

Top Row: John Alice, Les Kirihara. Bruce Todd, Dwight Dycke, Jack Huey, Paul Eldredge, UNKNOWN

Row 2: Mrs. Bertha Mason, Bea Jacobsen, Theresa Peterson, Laura Becker, Loralee Ohde, Kathy Franks, Gloria Allen, Diana Ellis, Alice Hill

Front Row : Julie Maruyama, Rodney Stevens, Bill Lee, David Bradbury, David Malmoe, Buddy Craig, Bobby Knott, Beverly Ando

1961-1962 6th Grade #2 – Miss Weed & Mrs. Geist

Top Row: Bob Oglesby, Bob Woolery, Greg Clarke, Bob Minnix, Earnest Finnie, Harvey Norris, John Keevy.

3rd Row: Teacher – Miss Weed, Debra Hueser, Gail Smith, Sandra Horton, Suzanne Franks, Karyn Lindquist, Sandy Anderson, Laurel Lennox.

2nd Row: Ron Quaintance, Jeff Wood, Roy Dahlen, Mark Wisemen, Clifford Brower, Ron Chisholm, James Echols.

Front Row: Karen Castle, Carol Teufert. Judy Hart, Marilyn Bennett.

Teachers: Miss Weed & Mrs. Geist (not pictured).

1962-1962 7th Grade Grant 1 – Mr. Stroh

Top Row: Doug Maxwell, Les Kirihara, Larry Goncalves, Caryl Zumhoff, Alice Hill, Penny Williams. Diane Ellis

Row 2: Mr. Stroh, Matt Dahlen, Karyn Lindquist, Christine Flathers, Kathi Des Jarlars (sp??), Kathy Franks, Robert (Bob) Minnix

Front Row : Theresa Peterson, Mara Krum, Don Lowry, Mark Wiseman, Laurel Lennox, John Alice, George (Buddy) Craig

1962-1963 7th Grade Grant 2 – TEACHER UNKNOWN

Top Row: Ron Chisholm, Ron Quaintance, Paul Eldredge, Bob Woolery, Greg Clarke, Cliff Brower

Front Row : Teacher Unknown, Bea Jacobsen, Karen Castle, Bonnie Bro, Sandi Horton

1962-1963 7th Grade #3 – Mrs. Perry

Sevent Grade Grant

Top Row: Denny Mowbray, Bruce Todd, Jon Keevy, Laurel Lennox?, Douglas Anstine, Carol Revious, Gloria Allen.

2nd Row: Mrs. Perry, Teacher, Jack Huey, Earnest Finnie, Carol Teufert, Diane Ellis, Debra Hueser, Suzanne Franks.

1st Row: Jeffery (Doc) Wood, Beverly Ando, David Buchanan, Sandy Anderson, William (Billy) Lee, Robert Knott, Julie Maruyama.

1963-1964 8th Grade #1 – Miss Olive Bennison

Eighth Grade Grant

Top Row: Robert Minnix, Gloria Allen, Christine Flathers, Earnest Finnie, Gregory Clarke, Roy Dahlen, Karyn Lindquist, Betty Harn.

2nd Row: Miss Olive Bennison, Teacher, Bonnie Bro, Linda (Suzy) Durham, Carol Zumhoff ?, George (Buddy) Craig, Sandy Anderson, Donald Lowery, Clifford Brower, Suzanne Franks, Carol Teufert.

1st Row: Ron Quaintance, David Bradbury, David Buchanan, William (Billy) Lee, Robert Knott, David Malmor, Margaret Green, Betty Mathistad.

1963-1964 8th Grade #2 – Mr. Stroh


Row 2: UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN, Les Kirihara, Doug Anstine, UNKNOWN, John Alice, UNKNOWN, Jeff (Doc) Wood

Front Row : UNKNOWN, Beverly Ando, UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN, Bea Jacobsen, Karen Castle, Julie Muruyama, Theresa Peterson

1963-1964 8th Grade – Combined Graduating Classes

Top Row: Gloria Allen, Chris Flathers, UNKNOWN, Earnest Finney, Bob Minnix, Karen Lindquist, Betty Harn, Debbie Heuser, Theresa Petersen, Ed Charbonneau, Bob Woolery

Row 3: David Buckaman, David Bradbury, Ron Quaintance, Susie Durham, Bonnie Bro, Greg Clarke, Jack Huey, Hal Clare (sp ??) , Kathy Franks, Paul Elderidge, Jon Keevy, Jusy Hart, Alice Hill

Row 2: Bill Lee, Caryl Zumhoff, George (Buddy) Craig, Sandy Anderson, Don Lowery, Cliff Brower, Suzie Franks, Carol Teufort, Mark Wiseman, John Alice, Denny Mowbray, Jeff Wood, Doug Anstine, Les Kirihara, Ed ??

Front Row: Mr. Stroh, Mrs. Miss Olive Bennison, Miss Dickman, Bob Knott, Margie Greene, Betty Mathistad, Carol Revious, Julie Maruyama, Laurel Lennox, Cindy Eberhard, Karen Castle, Beverly Ando