Franklin Elementary School
E. 2627 17th Avenue, Spokane, WA 99223

Franklin Elementary School was named after the great American statesman, Benjamin Franklin. Spokane has had two Franklin Schools during its history. The first school was built in 1889 at Front Avenue (Trent) and Grant Street, about six blocks east of Division on Trent. The school was a beautiful two-story brick building and the average enrollment in Grades 1-8 was 325 students. As the enrollment declined, the forefathers of Spokane decided to relocate Franklin School, and thus, the second Franklin School was built in 1909 at its location at 17th Avenue and Mount Vernon Street. In the fall of 1952 nearly 500 youngsters were attending Franklin School, and it became the only school in the city with double shifting. The solution to this student over-population did not result in tearing down the beautiful old building, but to build on an addition. On March 22, 1953, Franklin students dedicated the new addition to their school. The entire building now housed students in levels K-6. In 1955 two portable classrooms were added to house the continually growing enrollment. As enrollment decreased in the 1970s, Franklin’s empty classrooms were filled by the APPLE Program providing an alternative educational choice. Some of the graduates in Lewis & Clark High School’s Graduating Class of 1968 previously attended Franklin School.

1955-1956 AM Kindergarten – Mrs. Knight

Top Row: Mrs. Knight, ??, Victor Allen, ??, Doug Fullington, ??, Barbara Grinalls, ??, Tom ??, ??, Ray ??, ??.

3rd Row: Julie??, Edna Jo ??, Keith Milekson, Ralph Dahman, Bonnie Anne ?, Mark Dahlman, Dan Jones, ??, Shelby Gates, Marsha ??, Bob Minks (sp)?, Susan ?, Vickie ?.

2nd Row: ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, Beverly Anne ?, ??, Claudia ?, ??.

Front Row: John Neiswender, Donald Lowry, Dean Carriveau, ??, ??, Billy Brakel, Victor ?

1957-1958 2nd Grade – Mrs. Freeman

Top Row:

3rd Row:

2nd Row:

Front Row:

1958 2nd Grade – Wonder Bread Field Trip

1958-1959 3rd Grade – Mrs. Harris

Top Row: C.W. Hardin, Principal, Dan Jones, ??, Doug Hunnywell, John Svajeck, Bob, Minks(sp)?, Ralph Dahman, Mark Dahlman, ??

3rd Row: ??, Doug Fullington, Vernon Bjurstrom, Stan Parrish, Karl Olsen, Victor Allen, Gary Gibson??, Mrs. Carla Harris, ??.

2nd Row: Judy Boyce, ??, Denise May, Kristine Kincaid, Leslie??, Barbara Grinalls, ??, Judy Anne Sandstrom.

Front Row: Dean Carriveau, Billy Brakel, Keith Mikelson, Gary Roberts.

1959-1960 4th Grade – Mr. Dysart

Top Row: Karl Olsen, ??, Mark Dahlman, Bob Minks(sp)?, Ralph Dahman, John Svajeck, Doug Hunnywell, Dan Jones, Vernon Bjurstrom, Doug Fullington.

2nd Row: Judy Anne Sandstrom, Gayle Ludburg, Kristine Kincaid, ??, Susan Wienjee? Leslee? Barbara Grinalls, Denise May, Susan Redding?, Mr. Charles Dysart.

Front Row: Judy Boyce, Billy Brakel, Gary Gibson, Stan Parrish, ??, Victor Allen, Keith Mikelson, Dean Carriveau, Gary Roberts, Margaret Purdy.

1960-1961 5th Grade – Mr. McCarty

Top Row: Mr. McCarthy, Tom Tomlinson, Mark Dahlman, Doug Hunnywell, Bob Minks, Ralph Dahman, John Svajeck, Dan Wurth, Dan Jones.

3rd Row: Billy Brakel, Keith Mikelson, Vernon Bjurstrom, Stan Parrish, ??, Andy Koss, ??, Victor Allen, Karl Olsen, Doug Fullington,

2nd Row: Judy Anne Sandstrom, Barbara Grinalls, Denise May, ??, Susan Wienjee??, Kristine Kincaid, Leslie ??, Gail Ludburg??, ??,

Front Row: Darlene David, Tom Weaver, Mike Duffy, Gary Roberts, Dean Carriveau, Judy Boyce.

1961-1962 6th Grade – Mr. Schuler

Top Row: Doug Fullington, Judy Boyce, Vernon Bjurstrom, Gwen Pomeroy, Dan Jones, Gail Ludburg??, Mark Dahlen, Susan Wienjee, Victor Allen.

2nd Row: Kristine Kincaid, Tom Tomlinson, Candy Safranek, Bill Brakel, Denise May, Keith Mikelson, Debbie Brown, Ralph Dahman, Doug Hunnywell.

Front Row: Mr. John Schuler, Dean Carriveau, Stan Parrish, Barbara Grinalls, John Svajeck, Bob Minks, pa DeMelling??, Andy Koss, Karl Olsen.

1962-1963 7th Grade – Miss Oglivic

Top Row: Joseph Bullis, Claudia Coles, Ricky Schieman, Laura Melton, Kim Anderson, Laura Cameron, Mark VanHorne, Leokadia Jacholkowski.

3rd Row: Joyce Rudisille, James Breeden, Karen Clark??, Denise May, Tom Tomlinson, Cynthia Brask, Jerry Williams, Judy Boyce.

2nd Row: Mark Mikelson, Shelby Gates, Andy Koss, Steven Strom, Vernon Bjurstrom, Candy Safranek, Bob Blumhagen, Larry Vance?.

1st Row: ?? Dan Jones, Dean Carriveau, Bob Minks(sp)?, Ralph Dahman, Doug Fullington, Nathan Smith.

1963 7th Grade Graduation

1963 7th Grade Graduation Program