by Karen Guthrie, Dec. 17, 1967

They came from Hutton, Grant, or Wilson,
Irving and Roosevelt too.
They decided right then to be great,
Those boys in the class of ’68.

To keep the Tiger mighty
was a job that had to be done.
One thing kept pressing them on–
The urge to be number one.

Once they made their decision
they all knew what it meant:
that every man on the team
would give 110 per cent.

They worked and sweat all summer,
their turnouts cold in the fall.
The team kept pushing onward
to become the best of all.

They scalped the North Central Indians
and sank the Pirate’s crew.
The Puppies were hushed, the pipes were bagged,
And next they stomped ol’ Ferris too!

And then Came the Tiger’s time,
as they sat on pins and waited.
They had to outclass Renton
and that depended on how they were rated.

Finally named the top, there came fame
to the Tigers, tough and great!
Only they had the right claim
Number One in the State!