Lincoln Elementary School
W. 25 Fifth Avenue

A three-story brick building called Lincoln School evolved from an earlier four-room schoolhouse called Cowley School, named for the subdivision in which it was located. By 1890, Cowley School had been replaced by Lincoln School, honoring United States President Abraham Lincoln. Several additions were added to the school in 1901 and 1902 but in 1926, a devastating fire consumed the schoolhouse. In 1930, a new Lincoln School was erected and opened to students. In 1967, the Lincoln School closed as an elementary school. It was then used by Spokane School District 81 as surplus storage and sold in the 1980s to St. Luke’s Hospital. Students from Lincoln School attended high school at Lewis & Clark.

1957-1958 2nd & 3rd Grades – TEACHER UNKNOWN

Top Row: ??, ??, Bob Minnix, ??, Mrs. Seten.

2nd Row: Richard Hayashi, ??, ??, ??, ??, Rueben Solomon, ??, Michael Sartoria.

Front Row: ??, Pam Favre, ??, ??, ??, ??, Olivia Mills, ??

1958-1959 3rd Grade – TEACHER UNKNOWN

Top Row: Mrs. Woolard, Rueben Solomon, ??, ??, Bob Minnix, Georvia Cave, Celeste Montgomery, Gail Ashe.

3rd Row: Pam Favre, Shelly Johnson, ??, ??, Olivia Mills, ??, Alsinia Kennedy, Jessie Smith.

2nd Row: Vic Ogohara, ??, ??, ??, Lance Weaver, Richard Hayashi, ??, Sue Shubert.

Front Row: Michael Sartoria, Ken Busby, ??, ??, ??, David England.

1959-1960 Lincoln 4th Grade – TEACHER UNKNOWN

Top Row:

3rd Row:

2nd Row:

Front Row: