Many of our classmates have generously donated time, effort and money to support the reunion. The monetary contributions especially, have allowed us to make attending the reunion extremely affordable.
Reunion Attendance Fee
The cost for attending the reunion is $35/person. The fee convers all events for all three days as described on this website. You may register and pay now by clicking the registration button below.
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*NOTE: If you have already registered but not yet paid, you may do so from the paypal form here:

How Many are Attending?


**FINAL NOTE: As it has been in year’s past, we will happily support the attendance of any classmate who is unable to afford the attendance fee. If you, or someone you know wants to attend the reunion, but cannot afford the fee… please use the “Contact Us” function below, and ask to discuss this with us. Your communication and/or request will be kept confidential, and please know that we will make financial arrangements for the individual(s) involved to be able to attend the reunion.